Amet Flow: A lone WordPress in the endless sea of websites, a personal website for one woman – Arylett Charnoa. You may call me Arylett.

Self-aggrandizing aside, this is where I put literally anything I desire. There isn’t much at the moment, as I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with it. It may involve some stories or some diarylike ramblings.

Right now, you’ll see pages for the same character in different universes – Arylett Charnoa – the self-same woman who has created this speck of a WordPress. Because regardless of what worlds I traverse to in my imagination, I am always me. Yes, disgustingly self-centered, I know. Nevertheless, this is how I derive my enjoyment, due to my barren existence otherwise.

Go wherever you please, read whatever you please, skim and skip whatever you please… (Let’s face it – we all know that’s what you’ll do. I do it too.) It matters not. I have no expectations for interest to be shown in my self-centered ventures. And yet I publish this online anyway, due to that innate human urge to place my mark on this world, and hope that someone, somewhere, actually cares. How pesky that urge is.

If curiosity strikes you as to who exactly I think I am, you can find out more about me on this page.

And that, as they say, is that.

Banner art NOT drawn by me. It’s from Reina-Kitsune at Deviantart.

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