Zoroark Arylett

A former human who mysteriously awoke as a Zorua, and then evolved into a Zoroark. She roams the land using her Illusion ability to take various different forms.

Arylett is an intellectual. This Zoroark constantly wants to learn about a variety of philosophical and psychological subjects, even if she simply cannot understand it all… and often becomes overwhelmed by an overload of knowledge. Her favorite question to ask is “why?” She distinguishes herself from the rest with her trademark red glasses, Z-crystal, and cape.

Zoroark Arylett
The Scholar
✿ Basics ✿
Species Zoroark
Gender Female
Nature Careful
Theme Pondering Soul
✿ Battle ✿
Ability Illusion
✿ Moveset ✿
Night Daze Extrasensory
Protect Moonlight*

*Move cannot naturally be learned by species.


Quick Summary

  • Intelligent
  • Passionate
  • Dignified
  • Introverted
  • Curious
  • Compassionate


Though it is in her nature to be curious, Arylett prefers to focus on large scale issues. This means she only really cares about things pertaining to the state of the world and its inhabitants, or how nature works…. not so much how your day was, or other casual topics. Basically, she’s not very personable, unless it involves issues of a deeper, more psychological nature. Further, she has little patience for trivialities, and becomes quite irritated by distractions outside of the task at hand, or topics that interest her.

Even so, she has a genuine desire to help others and is a particularly sensitive individual that tries to be as compassionate as she can, even when she might not be so good at expressing this.

She is also quite insecure and indecisive, and tends to become overwhelmed when faced with too many options, attempting to cycle through them all at once rather than come to an actual decision. This manifests in her constantly shifting appearance, as she isn’t quite able to accept herself as a Zoroark just yet, and doesn’t quite what she really is. Though she has been more willing to appear in her true form as time goes on.

Lastly, she is very prone to sermonizing and delivering grand speeches regarding ethical concepts. This is her making up for many years spent in isolation, with many ideas swilling within her mind unexpressed.


  • If not in her true form, she will most commonly manifest appear as a human, a Braixen, or a Ninetales.
  • Learned Moonlight via a special move tutor.
  • The Z-crystal on her chest is Psychium Z and turns her Extrasensory into Shattered Psyche.
  • Has a more upright stance than regular Zoroark, owing to her former humanity.

*Her backstory and even personality specifics can vary depending on the project. This page is merely a base.

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