Zoroark Arylett

A former human who awoke as a Hisuian Zoroark.

Arylett is an intellectual. This Zoroark constantly wants to learn about a variety of philosophical and psychological subjects, even if she simply cannot understand it all… and often becomes overwhelmed by an overload of knowledge. Her favorite question to ask is “why?” She distinguishes herself from the rest with her trademark red coat, neatly tied up mane, glasses, and special Z-crystal.

Zoroark Arylett
The Scholar
Species Hisuian Zoroark 
Gender Female
Nature Careful
Theme Pondering Soul
Ability Illusion
Extrasensory Nightmare
Hypnosis Wish

*Moves and ability may be subject to change due to Hisuian Zoroark not being released yet.


Quick Summary

  • Intelligent
  • Passionate
  • Diginified
  • Introverted
  • Curious
  • Compassionate


Though it is in her nature to be curious, Arylett prefers to focus on large scale issues. This means she only really cares about things pertaining to the state of the world and its inhabitants, or how nature works…. not so much how your day was, or other casual topics. Basically, she’s not very personable, unless it involves issues of a deeper, more psychological nature. Further, she has little patience for trivialities, and becomes quite irritated by distractions outside of the task at hand, or topics that interest her.

In spite of this, she has a genuine desire to help others and is a particularly sensitive individual that tries to be as compassionate as she can. Even when she might not be so good at expressing this.

Lastly, she is very prone to sermonizing and delivering grand speeches regarding ethical concepts. This is her making up for many years spent in isolation, with many ideas swilling within her mind unexpressed.


Arylett was once an employee of the Aether Foundation, working directly under Faba. She was chosen for his “special program,” unknowing of what exactly it entailed, but not wanting to disappoint her boss. As it turned out, Faba was attempting to research rare Pokemon variants known from historical times, and was having trouble acquiring specimens. Though he attempted to revive them from DNA samples he had acquired, it proved to be a failure, and he was forced to resort to other, more dubious means…

Such means entailed choosing employees which he deemed most compatible with his samples, and using their bodies to recreate these Pokemon. Though the process took some time to refine, he was eventually successful, managing to complete the process with several subjects. One of which was Arylett, who had been transformed into a Hisuian Zoroark.

For some time, she was treated as nothing more than a lab rat, living in squalor as Faba kept his experiment secret from even Lusamine herself. However, following Lusamine and Nihilego’s defeat, many of the Aether Foundation’s darker secrets came into the light, and his dubious project was cancelled. Arylett was freed, and though the transformation seemed permanent, she made the best of the situation by cleaning herself up and donning her old human attire once more. Currently, she lives in the Aether Foundation, being given free room and board by Wicke to make up for the damage that was done.


  • Does not yet have mastery of her illusions. As a result, they can sometimes go out of control based on her emotional state. If she is particularly distressed, she will project nightmarish visions.
  • Has a particular affinity to the Psychic-type and is currently being trained in regulating her mind to prevent her nightmares from manifesting.
  • The Z-crystal on her chest is a custom one called Ametium-Z and turns her Extrasensory into Amet Fantasia. It was given to her to help her control her illusions, as this crystal was created from the positive dreams of a Munna.

*Her backstory and even personality specifics can vary depending on the project. This page is merely a base.