Female | 25 years | Nephilim



  • Intelligent, Passionate, Dignified, Introverted, Curious
  • Detailed Personality: An intelligent person. Arylett constantly wants to learn about a variety of philosophical and psychological subjects, even if she simply cannot understand it all… and often becomes overwhelmed by an overload of knowledge. Her favorite question to ask is “why?”

    Though it is in her nature to be curious, Arylett prefers to focus on large scale issues. This means she only really cares about things pertaining to the state of the world and its inhabitants, or how nature works…. not so much how your day was, or other casual topics. Basically, she’s not very personable, unless it involves issues of a deeper, more psychological nature. Further, she has little patience for trivialities, and becomes quite irritated by distractions outside of the task at hand, or topics that interest her.

    Though her sense of right and wrong are somewhat skewed from a past of dubious experimentation, she still holds within her a genuine desire to help others, even when she may not be so good at expressing this. This goes especially if the world’s evils become too much for her to handle.

    Lastly, she is very prone to sermonizing and delivering grand speeches regarding ethical concepts. This is her making up for many years spent imprisoned, with many ideas swilling within her mind unexpressed.
  • Backstory: A former human turned Fey. She was once part of the Orthodoxy of Sefirah’s human branch. Now, she lives alone in her small house at the edge of Lakan Village.

Arylett was a rare human born with high levels of Ether, yet with a body unable to withstand it. Due to her startling powers as a baby, she was swiftly abandoned in front of a Nephilim church, for fear of the government finding and using her for their experiments to advance humanity’s evolution.

She was adopted by two high-ranking Nephilim officials, and for much of her life, suffered due to her birth defect. Tormented by constant uncontrollable visions of the future, as well as headaches, and dangerous bursts of ethereal release. This left her in a perpetual mental fog for much of her life.

Her new parents were strict adherents of the Orthodoxy and disciplined her well. She mindlessly followed all their instructions, not really having much ambition, yet also not knowing much else.

When the sin plague came, all human adherents of the Orthodoxy were transformed into Nephilim in attempts to cure them. Most did not survive these highly experimental procedures. [Other, non-church members were converted into Stahl, and dealt with by the Stahl government.] She managed to live through it due to having trained for Nephilim transformation for her entire life.

Her foster family was not so lucky, however. In the Cruor incident, they were hit with a burst of sin ether, and made comatose for the foreseeable future, having succumbed to the sin plague. She was sickened by the thought of their bodies just laying there, wasting resources, because the Orthodoxy refused to pull the plug.

Yet she still continued her training and became a High Priestess, and volunteered to help find a cure for the sin plague, which was spreading to some of the Nephilim who had been in Cruor. Most of those who were part of this division began to drop comatose from the disease, one after the other. Receiving little guidance from the main Orthodoxy, who had largely moved on from the Cruor incident, she took matters into her own hands.

Her medical attempts to find the cure became somewhat… unethical. As she would break free a little from her mental fog [due to her new Nephilim body being better able to handle it], she became oddly manic, enthralled by the thrill of trying all sorts of things on her patients. It was the first and only time she had actually enjoyed something, and though she felt bad, she wasn’t going to let it stop.

This would go on for some time. The sin plague had stopped spreading, and only those who were initially part of the Cruor incident had become infected. Due to the disease not appearing to affect anyone else, the Orthodoxy had decided that they had wasted enough resources on this, and pulled the plug on trying to find a cure. Arylett fell into a depression.

Following this, there was a lengthy meeting on what to do with the victims among the Orthodoxy, which Arylett joined. Her opinion was swiftly overruled, and they decided to live their bodies alive. This was the last straw, and an enraged Arylett made an inflamed speech, storming out.

Thus, she left Orthodoxy to live alone in the quiet village of Lakan, wanting to forget everything that happened. Her visions continue, though their frequency have lessened significantly in her voluntary exile.

  • Class: Physimancer
  • Trait: Ethersight  – She can see the ethereal aura surrounding others at will. This also gives her the ability to see inside of their bodies. She can see the ethereal stream flowing through the blood. With this trait, she can pinpoint weaknesses or the critical spots of others, as well as the best way to treat/heal them.
  • Abilities: Intrigued with morbid things, can do… kind of unnerving things to opponents, like manipulating the ether of their internal organs/bodies and triggering that weird morbid curiosity that led to unethical experiments. This is always done in a very sterile, clean way, free of the crudeness of internal juices, invoking the precision of the Light element, like her methods as a doctor.
  • PHARASTRA –  MAGICOFFENSE – A rain of shooting stars. The most standard Light offensive spell.

    Enochian: Pharos bevah, sol hiom Asromastra
    English: Pharos power, star rain, Light Level 3
  • Holly [Enochian: Fleur bevah, lsih cnevah Tenimt – Antheia power, star flower, Earth]  Poisonous flower, dot. OFF/SUPPORT [EARTH]
  • Dynia – MAGIC –  [Unique] – Weak, non-magic attack. Uses internal ether to create small star-shaped crystals which are shot at the enemy to slice them. Causes pain. Dot. OFF/SUPPORT
  • Curastra [Enochian: Libra bevah, hajahla veymtl Asromastra – Libra power, reverse wounds, Light Level 3] Directs flow of ether to heal injuries. SUPPORT

Body Parts: Heart [Chest],  Brain [Head], Muscles [Limbs], Body

  • Cleanser
  • Wake up
  • Coronara [Enochian: Meteo bevah, pasaeh cinn Genixara – Meteo power, meteors fall, Fire Level 2]  blood fire heart? Dot Targets the heart. Will either damage  [FIRE – HEART]
  • Orion [Enochian: Hyperion bevah, eccamla ec Genixa – Hyperion power, offense of Fire]
  • Hyperion [Enochian: Orion bevah, lroant ec Asroma – Orion power, shield of Light] [LIGHT]
  • Iremia [Enochian: Iremia bevah, da lsonn Asroma – Iremia power, be still, Light] [LIGHT]

  • Asteria [Individual] – Becomes Ananke if magical energy overflows.
  • Summon Aeon: Her primary Aeon is a Light-elemental Carbuncle named Nora, which is capable of transcending into a second, more powerful form for battle based on Arylett’s powerful will. She was never capable of summoning more than one aeon. Its most powerful attack is Morningstar.

    With Lunaris, the two of them gain the ability to summon four Guardians throughout the story. They can only summon them for a few minutes at a time, to deliver a swift, powerful blow or bail them out of difficult situations.
  • Garuda
  • Leviathan
  • Tiamat
  • Quetzalcoatl
  • Lunaris Adamantine – A Lowegriff mercenary hired by the Orthodoxy years ago to aid in the project to convert humans to Nephilim.

    When he was young, his parents died in an accident caused by his father. He was subsequently adopted by a Lowegriff military faction, and trained in their ways. As a teenager, he became a fully fledged soldier and was sent on his first mission to aid the humans as the sin calamity had started to happen.

    Some years later, he left the military due to constantly questioning orders and desiring more freedom. He became a mercenary for hire.

    Lunaris is skilled with technology and built his own gunblade.

    Element: Darkness
  • Doctor Schweitzer 
  • Navy Admiral Gruff Lowen [Lynx]


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Stahl Government


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