Lucario Lunaris

A charismatic, yet enigmatic Pokemon that acts unpredictably and spontaneously. Often sarcastic, it is extremely difficult to tell whether or not he is lying as he tends to be skilled at hiding his emotions. His attitude remains subdued and his facial expressions subtle, keeping a straight face even when saying absurdities. He distinguishes himself from the rest with his trademark glasses, cape, and Mega Stone.

Lucario Lunaris
The Pragmatic Knight
Species Lucario
Gender Male
Nature Adamant
Theme Moonlit Wanderer
Ability Justified
Sky Uppercut Dark Pulse
Thunder Punch Iron Defense


Quick Summary

  • Calm
  • Reliable
  • Curious
  • Intelligent
  • Reserved
  • Brutal


Lunaris radiates an aura of confidence and knowledge constantly though, being intensely curious and observant. He constantly questions things that others disregard and has a strong appetite for finding the truth. 

Beneath that calm surface lies a merciless and efficient fighter. This Lucario is both primal and brutal whilst also having great finesse. Within him appears to lie a potently suppressed anger and fear at his lot in life that he has lost the ability to properly express. Not only this, but he is quite avoidant of others and completely clueless when it comes to making true connections. He is generally jovial and kind, but his awkwardness gets the better of him when things get emotionally serious.

Still, he means no harm, and only wishes to make the world a better place. Within him lies a deep and ceaseless need to purge it of injustices that infuriate him to his very core.

Lunaris’ Story

An artificially created Lucario, Lunaris was made to be a killing machine. He took constant abuse in these laboratories, until he finally unleashed his Mega Form and broke out. Lunaris then roamed the land, bringing justice to evildoers, and gaining his signature cape from an old Leavanny thankful of his tasks.

One of the villains he tracked down was from the obscure village of Lakan. He put this Pokemon (a sadistic Scyther with a thirst for cutting his victims’ innards) to justice, only to be interrogated, and then followed by a curious Braixen (Arylett).

*His backstory can vary depending on the project. The above is merely a base.


  • He has long, highly developed aura sensors.
  • Lunaris is taller than other Lucario, with a more humanlike build.

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