Lefenn Basic

Lefenn is a fake language I created. It, like Al Bhed from Final Fantasy X, is a substitution cipher which replaces letters with other letters.

This version of it is incomplete and basic, as it lacks certain features that the complete translator has. Such as the ability to replace common letter clusters, such as the “st” in “strength”. Though the complete translator cannot translate from Lefenn to back, hence why this still exists. [I lack the knowledge to create one that can do all of these things.]

I am unsure if I will be creating a page on the complete translator, as it is some rather complicated code that I copied from Roll for Fantasy and made very slight changes to with my limited knowledge.

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Lefenn Basic Translator

Originally coded by Stefan Gagne for Al Bhed Translator, ripped and altered for Lefenn Basic. Ignore the Phonetics - I have no idea how to remove them.

To Translate: (Encase key nouns, subjects, and other bits not to translate in [ ] brackets.)


English to Enochian (with phonetics)
Lefenn to English

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