Eosperis Species

Eosperis is a bipedal, mammalian Pokemon. The majority of its fur is a snowy white, with a long dark mane extending from its head, resembling the hair style of a human female. Its most prominent feature are the crimson gems on its forehead and chest, which are referred to as Fey Seeds.

The Nymph Pokemon
Evolves From
Rythie [Level Up w/ Fey Seed]
Fairy Psychic
Cute Charm Magic Guard [H]
Gender Ratio
100% Female
Egg Group
Field Fairy
3’06” 36 lbs


Hesperides – The Island of Eos

Eosperis and its younger form, Rythie, have been on the planet since ancient times. But they have evolved considerably since their initial origins.

Once, they were Fairy/Grass-types, populous all over the world when humanity took its first steps. They tended to the plantlife, spreading their crystalline Fey Seeds to create beautiful fields of flowers. 

However, as humanity industrialized, their natural habitats were encroached upon. The males of their species died out entirely, trying to protect their precious forests. When only the females remained, they all isolated themselves to the region of Elysium. With the help of Shaymin in her Sky Form, a massive chunk of earth was lifted from the surface, dubbed Hesperides. This floating island was where they remained, hidden and isolated from the rest of the world.

Fey Seed Metamorphosis

Even with their long lifespans of 200 years, the species slowly began to die out from the lack of males. It was then that they devised a new, insidious method of reproduction.

On the surface beneath their hovering isle, they would lure hapless human maidens into an illusory forest and greet them kindly, giving them a necklace with a Fey Seed. Then the women would be invited to Hesperis, with a festival thrown in their honor. The Eosperis would parade them upon a stage, as ethereal roots would forcefully grow from the necklace, injecting the Fey Seed within the maidens. 

A transformation would soon take root, both physically and mentally, as the females would become Rythie and Eosperis. For the rest of their lives, these individuals would lose their human cares, and become devoted to the cause of their religious order, the Followers of Floral Sky.

Though the Eosperis species retains a strong affinity for plantlife, they lost their Grass-type and gained potent Psychic abilities over countless years of having to brainwash women into joining them. 

The Present Situation

The patron saint of the Followers of Floral Sky is the very same Shaymin who helped them to find their home. They venerate her with the vast and elaborate Temple of Floral Sky, and the countless gardens decorating their beautiful villages.

Their pre-evolution, Rythie, no longer exist. Many human females have been too old to transform into these young creatures, and most of the current batch of Eosperis have been around for at least 100 years.

However, the Calamity has caused great panic amongst the Eosperis community. Humanity’s extinction has meant that they can no longer add any more to their numbers, and their species is now at risk of being forever lost…


Level Up Moves

Level Move Category
1 Scratch Physical
1 Fairy Wind Special
1 Helping Hand Status
5 Confusion Special
8 Encore Status
13 Wish Status
18 Magical Leaf Special
21 Hypnosis Status
26 Charm Status
29 Light Screen Status
34 Dazzling Gleam Special
37 Leech Seed Status
42 Aromatherapy Status
45 Floral Healing Status
50 Psychic Special
53 Amnesia Status
58 Fey Seed* Status
61 Petal Dance Special
66 Aeon Fleur* Special

*Original move that does not exist in the official Pokemon canon.


TM No Move Category
TM03 Psyshock Special
TM04 Calm Mind Status
TM06 Toxic Status
TM11 Sunny Day Status
TM15 Hyper Beam Special
TM16 Light Screen Status
TM17 Protect Status
TM20 Safeguard Status
TM21 Frustration Physical
TM22 Solar Beam Special
TM27 Return Physical
TM29 Psychic Special
TM30 Shadow Ball Special
TM32 Double Team Status
TM33 Reflect Status
TM42 Facade Physical
TM44 Rest Status
TM45 Attract Status
TM46 Thief Physical
TM49 Echoed Voice Special
TM53 Energy Ball Special
TM68 Giga Impact Physical
TM77 Psych Up Status
TM85 Dream Eater Special
TM86 Grass Knot Special
TM87 Swagger Status
TM88 Sleep Talk Status
TM92 Trick Room Status
TM96 Nature Power Status
TM99 Dazzling Gleam Special
TM100 Confide Status

Egg Moves

Move Category
Vine Whip Physical
Confuse Ray Status
Teleport Status
Morning Sun Status

Move Tutor

Move Category
Heal Bell Status
Helping Hand Status
Worry Seed Status
Recycle Status
Iron Tail Physical
After You Status
Giga Drain Special
Ally Switch Status
Signal Beam Special
Telekinesis Status
Endeavor Physical
Seed Bomb Physical
Laser Focus Status
Trick Status
Magic Coat Status
Magic Room Status
Wonder Room Status

Original Moves Explained

Fey Seed
Fairy Status Accuracy: 80%
Implants a crystalline seed imbued with magical energy at the target. Confuses and lowers Special Defense one stage.

Aeon Fleur
Fairy Special Power: 140% Accuracy: 99%
Unleashes a devastating burst of magical energy resembling a crimson flower. Requires one turn recharge time.


Base Stats
HP 95
Attack 55
Defense 55
Special Attack 120
Special Defense 120
Speed 70
Total: 515

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