Arylett Charnoa

An intellectual. This Braixen constantly wants to learn about a variety of philosophical and psychological subjects, even if she simply cannot understand it all… and often becomes overwhelmed by an overload of knowledge. Her favorite question to ask is “why?” She distinguishes herself from the rest with her trademark red glasses, vest, and collar.

Arylett Charnoa
The Redlily Sorceress
✿ Basics ✿
Age 26
Race Zenko
Gender Female
Theme Pondering Soul
✿ Attributes ✿
Element Light
Weapon Staff
Class Red Sorceress*

*Red Sorceress: Support/Offensive mage.


Quick Summary

  • Intelligent
  • Passionate
  • Dignified
  • Introverted
  • Curious
  • Compassionate


Though it is in her nature to be curious, Arylett prefers to focus on large scale issues. This means she only really cares about things pertaining to the state of the world and its inhabitants, or how nature works…. not so much how your day was, or other casual topics. Basically, she’s not very personable, unless it involves issues of a deeper, more psychological nature. Further, she has little patience for trivialities, and becomes quite irritated by distractions outside of the task at hand, or topics that interest her.

Even so, she has a genuine desire to help others and is a particularly sensitive individual that tries to be as compassionate as she can, even when she might not be so good at expressing this.

Lastly, she is very prone to sermonizing and delivering grand speeches regarding ethical concepts. This is her making up for many years spent in isolation, with many ideas swilling within her mind unexpressed.

Arylett’s Story

She would like to claim that she just appeared from thin-air one day, with no origin point. And instead, that the following is merely… a fictional account.

✿ As A Fennekin

Raised to be a Delphox priestess of an obscure religion (called The Orthodoxy of Solaris), a spectacled Fennekin submitted quietly to her family’s wishes. It wasn’t out of passion, but only out of the mindless fog of obedience. 

A war between the Orthodoxy and an opposing religion (The Holy Shevite Empire) had been going on for quite some time, raging on and off, but the Orthodoxy had seen some of the earlier outbreaks.

One particularly vivid example is when the Shevites sacked their temple and brutally bludgeoned almost everyone to death. She managed to avoid them by using her small size to hide.  Of course, not everyone had died in that attack. Her parents were among the few survivors and were left so permanently scarred that they were no longer anything. Their minds were void of soul, braindead zombies that subsisted on the kindness of others. It was disgusting, unethical to keep them alive this way. She felt this welling up within her over the years.

The acolytes started trying her patience the moment she evolved into a Braixen. They only became more harsh on their expectations and her duties, until she simply snapped. She shrieked in a rage so unlike her, emotions unbidden, and proclaimed that she would never become a Delphox nor a Athravan (high priestess) to the likes of them. And with that, she walked out the door, never to be seen again. This is when the story of that distant Fennekin ended, and the story of Arylett the Braixen began.

From then on, she settled in a small, isolated village (Lakan Village) and completely discarded all remnants of her past. Behind her was only fog, and straight ahead? She would be seeing clearly. People would respect her, they would see her as more than just a mindless slave of the gods.

*Her backstory can vary depending on the project. The above is merely a base.


✿ Offense ✿

Name Method Type Description
Pharastra Magic Offense An advanced Light-elemental spell that shoots several beams of light.
Fira Magic Offense A standard Fire-elemental spell that shoots a fireball.
Fleur Magic Offense A standard Gaia-elemental spell that hits the opponent with a flurry of flower petals.
Celes Crystal Tech Offense The user shoots several Base-elemental crystals generated by the magic. Deals weak damage, but applies a damage over time effect.

✿ Support/Weakener ✿

Name Method Type Description
Curastra Magic Support An advanced Light-elemental spell that heals wounds by reversing the body to a previous state.
Regen Magic Support A Gaia-elemental spell that places a flower on the target which gradually regenerates health over time. Can also remove weakeners.
Nirvana Magic Field: Support A highly advanced Light-elemental spell that creates an ethereal shield using crystals which temporarily allows the user to absorb Light and Fire-elemental spells.
Seize Magic Weakener A Light-elemental spell that temporarily stops time in a small radius around the target.

✿ Individual Abilities ✿

Name Method Type Description
Asteria Magic Offense/Support Arylett’s Burst. Unleashes ether gathered from Nirvana as Light-element bursts resembling crimson flowers and winged serpents. Damages and heals all enemies/allies in range.
Escalation Passive Slightly weakens the damage of standard level spells, but gives them a damage over time effect.


  • Knows Mystical Fire from her extensive training as a Priestess.
  • As a Braixen, her wand is vital to her battling, focusing her abilities precisely. Though she can still use moves without it, they will be extremely hard to control, and may risk hitting team mates.

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