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⯁ CONCEPT ⯁ - Ameiostail Line: Started work on a Pokemon project for funsies, with a few Fakemon. This is the first one I designed, which is also based on myself and meant to be a Pokesona and maybe even fursona.

Mirastail evolves into Ameiostail.
Arylett photo
SORA IN SMASH. Even I find it exciting, as someone who isn't easily hyped by things. Though I'm a huge Square Enix fan, Cloud and Sephiroth didn't really do much for me as FF7 is kind of overdone. But Sora? I adore all the KH1 references.
Pokemon has gotten my attention again. I am particularly impressed with the quality of the Hisuian forms - it seems they're on par with Gen 6 again and don't have that over-the-top look of Galar. Basculegion is probably my favorite - way to make a boring Pokemon interesting!

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