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2 months ago
Four games that changed my life:
1. Final Fantasy IX
2. Final Fantasy X
3. Xenogears
4. Pokemon Gold
2 months ago
Well, I have more free time again due to Zadnor being underwhelming and an RP group I tried not working out. The latter really is a shame, but I think I'm officially retiring from group RPs. It's hard to find one compatible with my interests. Now I get can back to art. Hopefully.
2 months ago
Stuck in an endless loop of getting distracted by FF14 and then hating everything I draw, so I never get the finalized design of Cleyran Arylett done.
4 months ago
✿ CONCEPT ✿ - Enochian Script: I'll be finishing this up later, but it's basically a custom alphabet for a fake magical cipher language I've drawn up. Each letter has a meaning. Arylett photo
4 months ago
✿ CONCEPT ✿ - Cleyran Arylett 2: Second and better artwork of my new fursona. She is a Cleyran, a rat people race from Final Fantasy IX. Second drawing is just a sloppy color reference. May color first one later, but this is the design I'm going with for now. Arylett photo

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